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Steve Szudera can help you create your best garden yet


Learn from an expert that has been through dozens of trial and error processes in order to create healthy soil. Healthy soil grows the most nutritious produce, and pays for itself over and over again. Pick your method below, and learn how to grow some magnificent crops.


Building Soil Health

Every new gardening season growers purchase tons and tons of soil amendments in search of building that perfect growing environment for their flowers, vegetables, herbs and many other plants. Building soil health, or the nutrient rich soil along with natural organic soil has become a very common used phrase in gardening whether it is for raised beds, potting plants or ground level amending, it has also become more of a common practice over the as people are wanting an organic food source they can trust.

Mother Nature provides all the of the elements needed to grow natural organic nutrient dense, the juiciest best tasting produce.

Don’t let the store bought soil amendment product s fool you. You can build soil health no matter where you live, no matter what your present soil conditions are, no matter how little space you have. Table Top Farmer has proven methods to do it.

Ground Level Gardening

This type of gardening dates back to when the first settlers hit land and unloaded the first ships. Their focus was to produce food before the supplies they brought with were gone. So they cleared tress, broke sod and planted the seeds. This traditional practice has been handed down through generations after generations and today is recognized as a huge revenue stream for big box, nurseries, home improvement and many more stores with garden centers being added ever year.

Today at Table Top Farmer we want to take the guess work out of traditional gardening practices.

We will show you how to grow natural organic healthy food with a whole lot less work and a whole lot more nutrients.



Raised Bed Gardening

Raised Bed Gardening could be considered a fairly new type of practice in the gardening era. It fits almost anywhere, can be done in all styles of landscape and terrains, can be used to enhance backyards with beauty from bountiful growing produce and has endless ways of utilizing style enhancing borders for the walls of the garden. However it has some of the most unforgiving challenges if not done properly including the proper Media Mix, keeping the soil moist for robust growing plants to survive, more of a hands on approach with daily monitoring if automated systems are not applied and these are just to name a few.

This type of gardening is one where I have personally witnessed and have heard of people tell me of the most failures with a variety of reasons.

At Table Top Farmer we have developed proven methods to conquer a host of the struggles that gardeners have endured with raised bed gardening. Learn about the five simple steps you will need to reassure success with your raised bed. Click here for more info.

Mid Season and Fall Tips

Do you get tired of constantly having to pull weeds? Do you get tired of constantly having your ground dry out soon after watering, pulling the hose from place to place in your garden, never quite knowing whether the roots are getting the nourishment they need because of the condition of your growing plants? Are you tired of the trips to the store to find the proper and safe bottle among the hundreds that are on the shelf to fight pests and disease?

Well there is a method that is very simple and labor free to solve all of these problems, and it all begins in your current growing season.

So no matter what time of year you are reading this there are methods that you can start to implement now to make the continuation of this year and next year’s garden the best ever.



Indoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening has some of the same methods applied to it as Raised Bed Gardening; however there are a few more factors to consider when growing plants indoors they we have worked through for you to save time and money.

One of the beauties of growing indoors is being able to control the proper amount and qualities of light plants receive, and this can amount to a huge boost in production.

As media again is one of the 5 important steps to indoor gardening, not all artificial lighting is created equal either, we have done lots of testing with lights at table top farmer to get the best production, save on electric costs and most of all the safest for indoor use.

Ultimate DIY Potting Soil

Every year millions upon millions of tons of new potting soil is shipped all over the country to be consumed by anxious gardeners to get their new plants going. The majority of that same soil in the fall is thrown out and sent to landfills and the same process begins the next spring.

What if I showed you how you would never have to purchase any potting soil, gardening soil and any type of soil amendment ever again.

The soil that your plants are growing in this year can reused and turned into a natural product, a product that the roots for your next will love as a friendly natural environment for them. You’re going to love this process if you have raised beds, indoor container gardens etc. This is not anything that is new or developed by table top farmer, but a process that mother nature provides to us and has just been forgotten.



Composting: Vermi & Regular

Many times I have heard earth worms are referred to as the intestines of the earth. And I believe this is very true, except for one very important factor. In some cases, people are feeding earthworms complete waste products, some being their junk mail, food scraps from the kitchen table and many other products that they will consume only to survive. But let’s think just a moment, how much nutrient value is in these products that they are being forced to eat. Now let’s dig a bit further, what do they eat in a natural environment, and what I am referring to gets pulled out of the soil and tossed into the landfills.

And this product is full of nutrient value that earthworms convert into natural fertilizer.

To learn more about what earthworms naturally consume click the button below.

Growing Wheatgrass

Have you ever had a shot of wheat grass juice and it almost made you gag because it tasted like lawn clippings, and then they had you follow with a shot of pine apple juice to kill the taste in your mouth. And 2oz of wheat grass juice is supposed to contain as many nutrients as 5 pounds of vegetables. Well it actually is loaded with essential nutrients that the body absorbs the fastest, but it needs to be grown in a fashion that not only tastes good, actually a bit on the sweet side but also contains the nutrients that it has the history of. I have been growing wheat on my farm for over 40 years and now have brought the same process indoors to grow the best tasting, most nutritious wheat grass juice and growing it in a self-sustaining system to save you money.

Learn about our simple 5 step process.


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