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You know, I can’t think of anything that could be, that’s more devastating to a garden than pests and diseases. You know, you put all your hard work into a vegetable garden, selecting the right plants, selecting the right soil, going through all the work and all the motions, get everything planted, feeling proud of what you got.

Then some morning you come out and it’s devastating overnight, a bug. Moved in and ate half of what you got grown, or you can see a disease that’s starting and by noon it’s taken off and you’re not sure what to do with it. My name’s Steve Szudera and welcome. I’m the founder tabletop farmer. And if you haven’t met me before, I have over 40 years of regenerative growing systems on a large production scale, here’s just a couple photos of some of my humble beginnings.

You can see I’m. Um, I started at a really, really young age but nonetheless, so what’s your first response. When that devastation happens, you get online, you look at books, you, you look at things online, you go to Facebook groups, you, you Google things. You try to find a solution to stop the problem. And it usually ends up going to a garden center to purchase a powder or purchase a spray or purchase something to end the problem.

How about if I could show you how we can take preventive measures in advance, how we can set up a system to not to control pests and disease, but to help be deter it, to help it so that it’s kind of like, think of it like this, you have a car and you need to change oil in that car. You need to rotate the tires.

You need to do some preventive maintenance on that car. Otherwise, what happens? It’s going to leave you walking someday when you need it. The worst vegetable gardening is no different. We need to have preventive maintenance plans in place so that we can help. We’re never going to totally eliminate pests and disease, but we can bring them down to where they are manageable into that state. And we can get what we call a jump on it. So, with that, you know, I I’m in the next email, I’m going to share some things that you can get started on right away that that will, will make sense to where you can implement. And they, they may not be things with pests and disease that will help right now, but it’s going to help this.

This is all about building a system about building a system of sustainability so that we do not have to go, that we can leave our garden for go on vacation or whatever it is. You know, I I’ve left some of my test projects, which I should introduce you to the river sand project. This is my latest test project here, and it’s been quite a challenge. You know, we have, we have grasshoppers coming on like crazy because we had such a dry year, last year. And so now, you know, the old mother grasshopper was able to find a good place to lay eggs and she did a very good job of it. And, you know, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve already done some preventive measures. Natural preventive measures, not anything with chemicals or sprays or, or powders or anything like that. I’ve done some natural remedies right now to eliminate the population are not so, so that they’ll move let’s, let’s just put it that way so that they will hopefully leave this alone.

You know, yesterday they were. It that’s been two days now that we did that. And yesterday they were still in here this morning. They’re gone basically. So, I don’t know, we’ll cross their fingers, but we’ll see what happens. Um, maybe they moved to the neighbor’s garden but nonetheless, in the next email, I’m going to share some things with you.

So be on the lookout. Be on the lookout that I’m, going to, I, I want to help you to be able to vegetable garden and be able to raise the most abundant garden that you’ve ever dreamed of. See our mission here at tabletop farmer is not only to help you garden, but to help you live the healthiest lifestyle and be able to do it with the proper nutrient dense food.

And so, we must be able to grow that, or we must know what we’re doing so we know what we’re looking for. So, we do know if we’re going to go out and buy it, like from a farmer’s market. We know somebody that is practicing the right principles so that they can grow the food that helps us survive. So, we don’t need all the other stuff in our body.

So, with that, before I get too carried away here, thanks for watching, be on the lookout for that next email. And I look so forward to working with you and. I forgot to thank you for going through the quiz and landing in the plants, in the, the pests and disease bucket. So, with that, I look forward to talking to you again soon.

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