Discover The Secrets to “Easily Replicate Nature’s Methods for Restoring Nutrient Rich Soil” WITHOUT TILLING… Enjoy More of the Juiciest Nutrient Rich, Best Tasting Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs for Your Family

Save Labor, Save Money and Grow Nutrient Rich

From 36 years of restoring and maintaining soil health in a no-till farming operation to NOW being able to teach the same methods to garden with in all types of methods from container, ground level, raised beds and many others and to achieve results within 30 days or less. These methods developed by Steve Szudera eliminate the back-breaking work, eliminates weeding, conserves 75% water usage and saves you a ton of money all while ensuring you have the best nutrient rich soil to grow the highest quality organic herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Our Specialized No Till Farming Method Solves Age Old Problems

Gardening has become a way of life for some people or at least one of their annual practices and they are developing everywhere you look. People want a better source of food, the joy and pleasure of growing your own, the peace of mind of knowing the origin of food, and even in some cases to help with family food budgets. As each new season emerges, gardeners head for their headquarters to shop and learn about all the newest products including bagged gardening/potting soils, synthetic fertilizer additives, the newest tillage devices to amend soil from power tools to hand tools and a whole host of supplies. Gardening has become a huge profit structure for stores with garden centers which continue to grow exponentially every year.

What the consumer doesn’t realize is that these businesses are holding you hostage with the idea that you need them to grow an abundant nutrient rich crop.

They have become excellent at marketing their products and services to you. The systems they market to you can end up costing you more time, more labor, and more money, and most of what you purchase can be performed in a natural environment just as Mother Nature has performed her miracle works for centuries; they have just been forgotten about.

Until now everything you have learned about the old-traditional ways of gardening is about to change. Steve Szudera , a no-till farmer of 36 years, has spent the last several years developing methods that you can easily use to start new projects, add to your existing outdoor gardening, indoor gardening, container gardening or if your garden is a farm to market business.

No matter how you garden now, or what techniques you have already researched, or if you’re just starting out these methods  developed and tested specifically for gardeners will eliminate back breaking work, the need to purchase soil amendments each year, significantly reduces disease and pest pressure on tender plants, conserves up to 75% water usages, in addition to many other benefits.

If you are an existing gardener in any capacity, much of what you do now helps to build soil health, but… system breaks and goes backward with age old tillage practices and other methods that traditional gardening teaches. With some small adjustments in what you do now, optimal results can be obtained within the growing season from spring through fall. Whether you have an indoor garden, outdoor garden, raised bed gardens, or even a farm to market business our methods of restoring and maintaining soil health will ensure that your garden will maintain the maximum productivity, and produce the best plants and maintain the healthiest soil from season to season.

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Healthy Soil for Indoor Gardens, Raised Beds, Ground Level Plots, and Market Farms

Building Soil Health

You can build optimal soil health no matter the existing soil condition.


Indoor Gardening

Lighting control and costs, and safe equipment are key methods for Indoor Gardening.


Ground Level Gardening

Grow natural organic healthy food with less work & more nutrients.


Ultimate DIY Potting Soil

Never purchase potting soil, gardening soil and any type of soil amendment ever again.


Raised Bed Gardening

Proven methods to continually create the best raised bed garden.



Get the most nutritious soil by composting with the proper materials for your earth worms.


Mid Season Growing Tips

Start now and implement methods to make the best garden ever.


Growing Wheat Grass

Grow delicious Wheat Grass loaded with essential nutrients, and a bit on the sweet side.


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